Extended Validation SSL Certificates

The most amazing feature is Green Address Bar with verified company name coming with every Extended Validation certificate. An extended validation SSL certificate requires a longer checking process comparing to Domain and Business validation certs, but it worths it, as you will get the highest possible trust level from all visitors and customers. All EV certs come with Dynamic Site Seal logo for instant positive attention and up to $1,750,00 warranty level. Certificates we provide issued by most trusted vendors globally as we do care about the quality.

Product name Validation Secure Siteseal Warranty Price/yr
Comodo EV SSL Certificate  Extended  Single Domain Dynamic  $1,750,000  $102.50 Order
GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV  Extended  Multiple domains Dynamic  $1,500,000  $156.25 Order
Thawte Web Server EV Certificate  Extended  Multiple domains Dynamic  $1,500,000  $161.88 Order
Certum Premium EV SSL  Extended  Multi-Domain Static  €1,000,000  $213.75 Order
Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL  Extended  Multiple domains Dynamic  $1,750,000  $218.75 Order
GeoTrust True BusinessID SAN EV  Extended  Multiple domains Dynamic  $1,500,000  $306.25 Order
Symantec EV Code Signing  Extended  Software No  $125,000  $708.34 Order
Symantec Secure Site EV  Extended  Multiple domains Dynamic  $1,750,000  $710.63 Order
Symantec Secure Site Pro EV  Extended  Multiple domains Dynamic  $1,750,000  $1038.75 Order

Compare Extended Validation SSL

There are few types of EV certs we offer, like Single Domain, SGC EV SSL, and Multi-Domain EV certs. Please note Wildcard EV SSL not exists, the only option to secure multiple domains and sub-domains is Multi-Domain EV SSL certificates. Kindly check our EV SSL comparison page to find out the difference between certs OR contact our sales managers for more help.

Validation methods  Domain   Business   Extended 
Domain ownership check via email
Business/Organization Documents check
Green address Bar included
Average Issuance time for SSL 5 minutes 3 days 4-7 days
Customer’s Trust level